WordPress Site Slow? Here’s How to Make it Faster

Page load times have a significant impact on user experience. Every second counts – users care more about how quickly your pages load and less about the bells and whistles. Consider that 30 percent of users say they expect a page to load within 6-10 seconds. When in doubt, put your time and attention towards making your site load quick and efficiently instead of adding unnecessary features. 

If you have a WordPress site and feel that it’s sluggish, here are some of the ways you can help it run faster. 

Choose a Good Hosting Provider 

When you originally picked out a hosting provider, you may have gone with the cheapest one. Now that your site has grown, your current hosting plan may no longer meet your needs. If this is the case, your site will be sluggish, particularly during high traffic times. 

Contact your hosting provider to see which plan you have and your options for upgrading or going with a new hosting service. A virtual private server (VPS) is the middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It’s affordable and a great pick for mid-size businesses. 

Update Your WordPress Theme 

If your site is running slow, it could be the theme you’re using. Some themes grow slow over time if they’re not frequently updated, while others are bloated to begin with. Stick with a lightweight and speedy theme so that it doesn’t slow down your site. With a simple framework, you can then add the plugins you need and nothing more. 

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) 

A CDN takes all of your static files and lets visitors download them as quickly as possible by keeping them on the servers closest to them. Essentially, the content is spread out across several nearby servers. Not only will a CDN boost load times, but also it improves reliability, offers secure storage capacity and makes segmenting your audiences easier. 

Optimize Images 

Images are a great asset to have on your site, especially if you’re an ecommerce store, but they must be optimized. This means reducing file size without affecting quality. By taking this step, you can keep your image file sizes to a minimum, significantly improving load times and reducing bounce rates. You can also look into lazy load images that begin to load only when the user comes into view. 

Clean Your Homepage 

Your homepage is the first page visitors see, so there’s no question that you want to make a good impression. Keep your homepage simple by removing unnecessary widgets and plugins, simplifying the content and placing the most important information at the top. Crafting the perfect homepage also requires you to use proper SEO and calls to action. 

Is your WordPress site sluggish? WSI Internet Partners is happy to take a look at your site, determine how quickly it loads and identify the best solutions for optimization. Contact us today to learn more about how to build a fast, efficient site that visitors enjoy spending time on. 

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