Ways to Stay Connected to Your Customers During Coronavirus

More than 100 million Americans have been ordered to stay home, though it’s still okay to shop for groceries, walk the dog and pick up medicine. Nevertheless, these stay-at-home orders are bad for business. Naturally, many companies are worried about losing customers during this time. If you’re one of them, rest assured that there are ways to stay in contact with your customers. You’ll have to be more creative, but your customers will appreciate your effort. 

Below are some of the best ways to stay connected to your customers during this time. 

Let your customers know what you’re doing to stay healthy. 

Maybe you aren’t doing business as usual, but your employees and staff come first right now, and people want to see that you’re looking out for them. Let your customers know what you’re doing to protect your employees, such as by having your teams work remotely and taking extra sanitization methods. 

Additionally, let your customers know how you plan to keep them safe. You can share your message through email, on your social media channels and as a pop-up when people visit your website.

Promote gift cards and gift certificates. 

One way to bring your business cash and get return customers in the future is by promoting your gift cards and gift certificates. This is a smart strategy for businesses that offer services, such as salons and restaurants. 

To reduce human contact, move your gift cards to an online platform. Don’t be afraid to sweeten the deal, as many people aren’t working right now and their money is limited. For example, offer a 10% discount or an extra $10 gift card with each purchase.

Stream or video chat your services. 

If possible, find ways to video chat your services. This way, you can keep customers engaged and ensure your brand stays fresh in their minds. For instance, a personal trainer could offer a virtual workout, while a therapist could schedule online sessions. Even a hairdresser could create videos sharing tips like in-home root touch ups. Use a streaming platform like Facebook Live or your YouTube channel to promote this content. 

Invite people to an online event. 

People are practicing social distancing right now, so your audience would probably love to hear from you! Consider hosting an online event that brings people together, such as an anniversary or new product launch. To get people interested in your event, offer a special discount or reward for the first 50 people who join your live stream. 

Offer discounts and free shipping. 

Now is a good time to go strong with your discounts. Again, people are watching their money, but they’re also spending more time at home. This allows them to make careful purchases, and a generous discount can sway them in your favor. Consider offering discounts off a total purchase or free shipping on any size order. Or, think about partnering with a local business to expand your services and make the deal sweeter. 

It’s a hard time for businesses right now, but things will start moving again. For now, stay focused on connecting with your customers, keeping them updated on your business and protecting your staff. When business returns to normal, your customers will remember how you handled the coronavirus. 

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