The Best Suggestions for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn recently published the ten most followed company pages on the social network. The top contenders include Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and TED Conferences. Even though these are big corporations with millions of followers and large advertising budgets, we can still learn from them. 

According to LinkedIn’s own analysis, here are some of the things that the most successful LinkedIn company pages are doing right. Be sure to add them to your own LinkedIn strategy! 

Post Video Content 

Video is an excellent marketing tool. If you’re busy creating videos for other social channels, be sure to post some on LinkedIn, too. LinkedIn finds that the best videos are short, attention-grabbing and can be viewed without sound. 

In the coming months, also look for LinkedIn’s live streaming service, LinkedIn Live. Not everyone has access yet, but the social networking site plans to roll out this feature to more users. LinkedIn Live will have the same appeal as other live streaming tools but will maintain a professional image. 

Show Your Commitment to Social Responsibility

Brands that practice social responsibility have better connections with their social media followers, according to LinkedIn. Show your LinkedIn community how your brand practices sustainability and other socially responsible actions. If you don’t have much to share, step out and find ways to give back to your community. 

Below are a few reasons why social responsibility is important for business: 

  • Engage customers and build relationships 
  • Boost visibility and brand image 
  • Retain top talent 
  • Instill trust in others 
  • Stand out from the competition 

Promote Diversity 

Businesses that promote diversity and inclusivity have stronger communities on LinkedIn. People want to do business with companies that share the same values as them, and equality is an important one. 

State your thoughts on this issue and what your company does to ensure all employees and customers are treated fairly. Not only does this help on the customer-brand side of things, but also it can attract new talent to your business. 

Share Your Future Plans 

The most successful company pages share future ideas and insights with followers. This provides interesting content, starts engaging conversations and positions brands as thought leaders. 

As you look for things to post on LinkedIn, consider sharing some of your own progress, plans and ideas. Don’t be shy – innovation is a beautiful thing! Over time, you can share your experiences and how they match up to your original predictions or expectations. 


The biggest leaders on LinkedIn have a lot of resources to create compelling, high quality content, so it’s not exactly fair to compare them to smaller brands. But, there are some similarities between these pages that you can learn from. Use this insight to create a stronger, higher performing LinkedIn company page for your business.

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