Should You Be Using Memes in Your Marketing?

Whenever you’re on social media, you’re probably bombarded with memes – not that it’s a bad thing! Memes are hilarious and amusing as they combine images and texts to send a message. Believe it or not, memes are a great addition to your content marketing strategy. They aren’t reserved exclusively for friends and coworkers. 

Originally, a meme was an idea, behavior or style that spread from one person to another. Today, it can be a piece of content that spreads quickly or goes viral. People love memes because they are entertaining and easy to consume. They also break up the loads of content on social media feeds.

Memes are a great way to help your brand stand out. Below are some tips on how to use memes in your marketing. 

Check to see what’s popular 

We recommend using memes that are already popular. This allows you to ride the trend while directing attention towards your brand. Also, make sure that you know what the meme is about. If you make the mistake of choosing the wrong meme, you could hurt your brand image and reputation.

So, where do you find popular memes? You can use a tool like, or you can browse through your news feeds to see if there are some that continue to pop up. 

Look at trending topics 

Check out the trending topics on social media. As you research them, see if you notice any images that go along with them. If you spot a trend, you can use the images to create your own meme. It’s easy to make your own images using a generator like the one on

Keep your eyes open for funny news 

Make sure you’re following all relevant news sources on social media. This will help you keep tabs on funny news, events and theories. You can then use these conversations to create your own meme. If you have the content first, find an image to go with it. Silly pictures of animals and babies tend to be most versatile. 

Pay attention to the copyright 

When creating memes, be mindful of the copyright of the original images. If you can’t find who made them, you might be better off making your own meme. Interestingly, many of the memes we find today were created by regular people. Consider the Success Kid meme that is all over the internet. A mom created this of her 11-month-old son in 2007. 

Share your meme

Your meme is meant to entertain and engage your audience, so share it to your social media profiles. You can do it more than once, too. The only exception is LinkedIn, as this channel tends to be more serious and professional. However, even LinkedIn connections enjoy a good laugh. 

In the end, memes can be a successful part of your content marketing strategy. Be sure to choose memes that match your brand’s tone and voice and share them to your social profiles for the best results! 

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