New Features Worth Checking Out on Google My Business

Google My Business is an incredible platform that helps capture the attention of online shoppers. Thankfully, Google continues to roll out new features that give businesses and retailers more options to connect with their audience. Let’s discuss the latest features to have on your radar and how to use them to grow your business. 

Special offers for following a business 

Shoppers love getting discounts on their purchases because it makes them less risky – and lets them know they are getting the best deal. To help close more sales, GMB now allows you to reward customers for following you on Google. Not only do new customers get a generous discount but also access to your content. 

Greater customization to profiles 

Google My Business has introduced several new ways to customize your profile. There are new cover photos to choose from, as well as options to make your logo more prominent. This is a great update as many GMB profiles are not properly filled out. However, you can expect there to be more competition because businesses will strive to have the best looking profiles. 

Shortened and vanity URLs 

You can now claim a short name and URL for your business. This makes it easier to promote your GMB profile. For example, you can post the shortened URL on the bottom of your receipts or business card. Your customers will have an easier time remembering the URL, too. 

More prominent photos 

To go along with the aesthetically pleasing features, Google is also making photos more prominent. After all, your photos are a huge factor in whether people visit you or not, particularly if you’re in the food business. Uploaded photos will appear immediately and show up on a dynamic module, giving followers new content to enjoy. 

In the end, Google My Business is a great place to market your business and deliver a great experience for customers. By taking advantage of the latest features, you can further enhance your profile and draw in new business. To learn more about setting up a Google My Business profile that supports your business, contact the experts at WSI Internet Partners today.

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