How to Connect with Your Audience Over Summer

Are you finding it difficult to get engagement from your social media followers during the summer? It’s not unusual. It’s all part of the summer slowdown. Unless you’re selling products and services directly related to the summer, you’ll probably notice less activity on your social channels. School is out, families are on vacation and people are looking for things to do outside the home. 

Luckily, you don’t have to sit back and wait for the busier fall months to arrive. There are plenty of ways to get your audience active and engaged in the dog days of summer. Here are some ways you can heat up your social media presence in the coming weeks.

Work with an influencer 

Summer is a great time to find influencers to work with. These online celebrities have active followings that trust what they have to say. The content coming from them is fresh and genuine, more like a testimonial from a friend rather than a sensationalized advertisement. 

Choose influencers that relate to your industry and are happy to get the word out about your products and services. Over time, you can nurture long-term relationships with brand influencers and position your brand in front of a wider audience. 

Host a summer-themed campaign 

Find ways to make your business relevant over the hot summer months. People look for things to keep themselves busy, so launch a campaign that ties in relevant activities like baseball games, water parks, family-friendly barbecues and amusement parks. You can also do a giveaway where you offer some of your products to the top winners. To keep the conversation organized and boost visibility, create a campaign-specific hashtag. 

Choose summery visuals 

Summer is on everyone’s minds. Avoid standard photos and instead choose content that is bright and summery. It will stand out on the news feeds and create positive associations between your brand and users. For example, if you have a new product to share, don’t just post images of it. Tie it into a summer luau or beach day to make your content relevant and interesting. 

Attend summer festivals 

Another way to boost your summer social media strategy is to be where your customers are. By attending local festivals, farmers markets and other events, you can keep your brand front and center. Give a sneak peak of your fall products or tie your event booth into something back-to-school related. This gives people a reason to visit you in the future. Don’t forget to post your social profiles so people can easily find you

Host a summertime contest 

People love contests because they can easily enter in for a chance to win something. On your end, the content increases likes, shares and engagement to stretch your campaign further. You can offer free products, a paid vacation or free tickets to a sporting event. Be sure to make your contest rules clear so that participants know what to expect. 

The summer lull can make some businesses feel like they’re going stale, but things pick up in the fall as consumers look for new products and special deals for the holidays. In the meantime, share this laidback mentality with your customers and enjoy fun, summery contests and giveaways that embrace the season. 

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