Content Trends to Have on Your Radar for 2020

Keeping up with the latest trends in content marketing can be an incredibly difficult task. Things change regularly and on a whim, so it’s important to be proactive. As we enter 2020 and beyond, you’ll want to keep the following content trends in mind. They are guaranteed to be part of an effective, professional content marketing strategy. 

1. Location-specific content 

Content that is written for specific geographic regions is called location-specific content. The purpose of this content is to connect with select groups of people, such as those who have visited your business in the past. By creating location-specific content, you can build effective campaigns that reach more relevant audiences. 

2. Customized content

Customized content is different from personalized content. To personalize content, you need customer data and predictive technology. Customized content is achieved when the user manually makes changes to create a better experience. The difference is who is making the changes. In the future, you’ll need to find ways to give consumers more choices. For example, an email subscriber may choose to receive offers for special products only. 

3. Ephemeral content 

Ephemeral content disappears after a certain amount of time, just like the story content on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. People enjoy this content because it’s temporary and has a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) vibe to it. Temporary content is also easy to digest and works well for short attention spans. As you look to create new, engaging content, consider ephemeral content and how it can help you with your branding efforts. 

4. Virtual reality/Augmented reality 

VR and AR technology is becoming more mainstream. It will continue to climb in 2020 and beyond. Already, brands can take advantage of Facebook 360 and Facebook Canvas, both of which create brand experiences. As consumers look for new ways to interact with the products they love, VR and AR inspired content will be a powerful asset. 

5. Video content

Video content is expected to grow. Not only is YouTube the second largest search engine, but also 56 percent of internet users watch videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s clear that videos are a preferred form of content no matter what platform the viewer is on. Next year, be prepared to invest more into your video marketing strategy. It’s the type of content people want.

As you prepare for a new content marketing strategy in 2020, be sure to keep the following content trends in mind. These content forms are expected to be in demand because they’re easy to consume, engaging and personalized to the user’s needs. 

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