7 Most Common Facebook Ad Types and How to Use Them

Facebook ads are some of the best marketing tools you have available. Regardless of who your audience is, they are using Facebook. The key is knowing which ads to use and when. To help you with this, we’ve listed out the seven most common Facebook ad types and the goals they can help you achieve. 

1. Page Likes 

This first ad type will help boost your page’s organic reach. Most people are happy to engage with these ads because they’re simple and relevant. All they have to do is “like” your page and they will receive updates from your brand. It’s the perfect way to build brand awareness, but make sure you have interesting content to share to keep your new followers engaged. 

2. Lead Generation Ads 

With Facebook lead ads, you can collect a prospect’s contact information directly from the platform. This makes it easier for them to convert because they don’t have to leave Facebook. They can fill out their information and continue on their way. Only ask for as much information as you need to make converting quick and easy. 

3. Engagement Ads 

Engagement ads help target existing users. You can use these ads to share new products, highlight new features or run promotions. The goal is to keep your existing customers engaged and generate new activity on your website. Plus, these regular interactions help people stay connected to your brand and develop greater loyalty.

4. Post Engagement Ads 

Post engagement ads help your content get seen by more people. You don’t need to promote all of your content, but you should promote some. Promoted content is more likely to be seen by your audience, increasing page likes and engagement. Plus, when you use these ads, you can target a select audience. 

5. Acquisition Ads 

Engagement ads are designed to re-engage users, while acquisition ads are focused on bringing in new business. Acquisition ads come in many forms, such as app install ads, lead generation ads and product/service promotion ads. To make these ads effective, you must target them to people who are most likely to become brand loyalists. 

6. Localized Ads 

While many brands want to target people all over the globe, some businesses have location-specific goals to reach. If your brand is looking to expand your reach in certain geographic areas, localized ads can help. You can create highly targeted ads that speak to a select audience. These ads are best when wanting to increase foot traffic in your store or promote a sales or open house event. 

7. Website Clicks

If you want to bring more business to your website, website click campaigns are effective. These campaigns bring more relevant traffic to your site, so they are especially helpful for startups. You can direct traffic to any page on your website – your blog, a product page or a sales page. This helps customers explore products and topics they are interested in. 

To run a Facebook ad, choose the goal of your campaign and the budget you want to spend each day. Facebook makes it easy to control your spend and make adjustments in real time. To ensure your Facebook ad campaigns are effective, contact WSI Internet Partners. We’ll help you reach your customers anytime, anywhere! 

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