5 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Whether or not you enjoy creating videos, video marketing is a necessity for small businesses. With over one billion users watching 250 million hours of YouTube each day, it’s clear that people enjoy consuming content in a visual format. There are also technical reasons for adding video marketing to the mix, such as increased rankings and boosted email click-throughs. 

Here are five ways that your small business can use video marketing to get noticed. 

1. Introduce yourself and why you do what you do. 

As a small business, you probably don’t have the same marketing dollars that your larger competitors have. This makes it harder to be seen and heard. Thankfully, creating a video gives you the chance to introduce yourself. Keep your intro video under 90 seconds and post it to your website’s homepage for the best response. 

2. Highlight social proof. 

Your biggest brand advocates are your customers. Ask your loyal followers to get in front of the camera and share why they love your product or service. These first-hand accounts are more trustworthy because they come from real people. Social proof videos are also more engaging from the standard sales pitch.

3. Provide viewers with education.

People often visit websites to gain knowledge on a particular subject. Rather than expecting visitors to read through your content, create a short video that educates them. Share your knowledge and expertise in your particular craft, whether it’s saving money for retirement or renovating the home. 

4. Introduce your work culture. 

Another way to use video marketing to boost your brand is by filming a behind-the-scenes look of your company’s work environment. Buyers want to know who they are supporting. Show customers what separates you from the competition. When they see real people interacting and working together, it makes people more trusting and supportive of your brand. 

5. Share your origin story. 

Small businesses benefit from sharing their origin story because people want to know how they came to be. Plus, storytelling is a great way to capture your audience’s attention and make your products and services relevant to their lives. As your company reaches certain milestones, be sure to feature them in other videos and thank customers for helping your business grow. 

Video marketing may be more difficult to create than written content, but it usually sees a better response. Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera and show your customers what your small business is all about! For more ideas on securing your brand presence, contact the marketing experts at WSI Internet Partners.

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