Social Commerce: The Next Big Thing in Online Retail

As more social networks look to add on-platform selling tools, social commerce will become more of a thing. Already, people can go through the entire customer journey without leaving social media. In time, networking websites like Facebook and Instagram will be more effective at promoting commercial products and services directly from their platforms.  If you…

5 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Whether or not you enjoy creating videos, video marketing is a necessity for small businesses. With over one billion users watching 250 million hours of YouTube each day, it’s clear that people enjoy consuming content in a visual format. There are also technical reasons for adding video marketing to the mix, such as increased rankings…

Best Practices for Landing Pages in 2019

Landing page optimization doesn’t happen after making a few adjustments. It takes time, patience and diligence to see results. This is why marketers often get frustrated and give up. If you’re not seeing the results you hoped for with your landing pages, don’t throw in the towel. Continue collecting more data so that you can…

Top 3 Benefits of Using Messaging Apps for Customer Service

There are many ways to provide customer service, including email, telephone and live chat. Though each of these channels offers unique benefits, the most recent trend is messaging apps. Also called chat apps, these networking tools have become widely popular thanks to their quick, convenient capabilities. Some have developed into independent platforms, such as Facebook…

The Best Suggestions for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn recently published the ten most followed company pages on the social network. The top contenders include Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and TED Conferences. Even though these are big corporations with millions of followers and large advertising budgets, we can still learn from them.  According to LinkedIn’s own analysis, here are some of the things…

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